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Glorious Life Home Care Services caregivers are rigorously trained to provide this care with a professional, cheerful spirit, preserving the client's safety, hygiene, and dignity.

Homemaker / Companion 

Homemaker / Companion service is for clients that do not need hands-on assistance, but would like some friendly company or need some help with routine chores that have become more challenging. 

Services can include any or all of the following: 

  • Transportation to appointments, meetings, lectures, classes, bingo, worship services
  • Morning wake-up calls & evening bedtimes
  • Assistance with walking & mobility
  • Mail letters, correspondence, bill paying
  • Help with crafts & hobbies
  • Help with Pets & gardening
  • Grocery list preparation & shopping
  • Assistance with meal choice for particular dietary needs
  • Provide Companionship and Conversation
  • Remind about Medications
  • Provide Light Housekeeping
  • Stimulate Mental Awareness
  • Escort to Visit Neighbors and Friends
  • Assist with Exercises and Walks
  • Pick-up Prescriptions
  • Maintain Calendar
  • Change Linens and Laundry
  • Plan Visits, Outings and Trips

If your loved ones’ health or comfort is at risk due to the frailty of age or illness, visits from an Glorious Life Home Care Services caregiver can make all the difference in the world. Of course we help with all the above tasks. But most of all, Glorious Life Home Care Services caregivers bring a ray of sunshine into our clients' day, and a great deal of comfort to the client's family, knowing all is well. Glorious Life Home Care Services can send a companion to the home daily, several times a week, or as often as needed.

Hospital Accompaniment 

A stay in the hospital is always tough--but even tougher if your loved ones are far away. Don't worry--call Glorious Life Home Care Services. Our caregiver can come to the home, help pack your clothes and belongings and close down the house. Then, we'll provide or arrange transport, help you check in to the hospital and carry in your luggage.

Once you are settled in, your personal caregiver can stay by your side as much as you need--even 24 hours a day (hospital regulations permitting). The caregiver and Glorious Life Home Care Services staff can also help keep the family informed on the patient's progress as frequently as desired. Imagine the comfort that can provide when family or friends can't always be there. 

When your stay is complete, the caregiver will pack your belongings, assist with discharge, arrange or provide transport home and help you get settled.
Glorious Life Home Care Services can then keep a caregiver in the home as long as you need, allowing you to recover at your pace, with total serenity. Don't face a hospital stay with fear or anxiety--call Glorious Life Home Care Services. At home or in the hospital, the best in care, hands down.


Getting around town to doctors’ appointments can be difficult. A cabdriver won’t give you the assistance you need, or stay with you during the appointment Glorious Life Home Care Services will. 

Our caregivers will pick you up early, transport you safely to the doctor, help you from the car and into the office, and stay by your side during your appointment. A visit to the doctor can be carefree, if an Glorious Life Home Care Services caregiver is with you. 

Need to get to the mall to pick up a gift? Do some grocery shopping, or get to your hair salon? Let Glorious Life Home Care Services get you there according to your schedule. 

Our caregivers’ all have good driving records and current automobile insurance. They can drive you in your car, or theirs. Travel in comfort, and don’t let age slow down your lifestyle!

Travel Assist 

With Travel Assist, take that trip with confidence! Love to travel, but don't feel confident enough to move about like you used to? Call Glorious Life Home Care Services. Our energetic caregivers can help pack, accompany you in your car or by plane, handle luggage, hotel check-in, and more. 

A Glorious Life Home Care Services caregiver takes care of all the chores involved in travel so you can relax and enjoy. 

Need something from the pharmacy? 

A last minute souvenir for the grandkids? 

Or just a friendly arm to hold for a sunset stroll? 

We're there with you, making your travels as carefree as they ever were. 

Don't let age or disability keep you from getting around. With Glorious Life Home Care Services, travel to your heart's content, and leave your worries behind.